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Because a personal injury can happen to a person while driving, during medical treatment, while at work, while using a product or while going on a grocery trip, it is important to have an injury attorney handle all legal issues.

The following are 5 Characteristics of a good injury attorney:

1. Compassionate

A good injury attorney needs to be compassionate because personal injury clients are usually victims who have been injured by the negligent or wrongful act of another party. The victims usually suffer more than the visible injuries because they also suffer from emotional as well as personal issues that occur as a result of what they have gone through. The attorney must then view them as a person and not as another case. A good attorney may know the law and the case, but this knowledge will not help without the other qualities of passion, experience and preparation.

2. Involved

The injury attorney should be willing to be involved in every case instead of handing the clients to their legal assistants as well as paralegals. These legal assistants and paralegals may lack skill, judgment as well as finesse. They may even handle only insignificant issues that may undermine even their own credibility.

3. Responsive

The injury attorney should be responsive to the inquiries of their client. Whether the inquiry is of the personal injury or of any other matter. Clients usually get frustrated when requesting information or updates from the attorneys who never call them back. An attorney therefore needs to be one who is timely and responds diligently to all communications.

4. Thorough

Since each personal injury case usually involves potential damage elements which include emotional injuries, physical injuries, expenses as well as other losses. A personal injury attorney needs to be thorough enough to gather all the necessary information in order to establish all the damages. The attorney will also need to put together the information in a well-organized and well-written presentation. An attorney who is not thorough regardless of how long they have been in the courtroom can produce bad results as they will leave out evidence , they may not have the right questions to ask and they may not persist on important points. When an attorney is not thorough the judge or jurors become irritated and will usually punish the client of the lawyer.

5. Reasonable

A good attorney should be reasonable. He or she should be reasonable enough in order to determine the amount that a person is entitled to for the pain and suffering. However, when the attorney takes a position that is unreasonable with respect to the amount to be awarded in the damages, this will hinder the negotiation process and the client will only be able to recover the unreasonable amount during the trial. A reasonable attorney will therefore gain credibility with the insurance adjusters as well as the opposing counsel, which will be necessary in obtaining a favorable resolution.

With some knowledge of accident claims, some organization and a bit of patience, you may just be able to take care of your own personal injury claim without the need of a lawyer – and without insurance companies unfairly reducing or denying your compensation. If such is the case, you may end up getting more compensation for your injury without worrying about paying any attorney fees.

However, at times saving yourself a couple of dollars in attorney fees may eventually prove more costly and whether you prefer to hire an attorney or not to, it is always to seek consultation from experienced and qualified Chicago car accident attorneys.

The following are types of claims that you can possibly handle on your own:

  • Car, pedestrian and cycle accidents
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Home accidents
  • Accidents with malfunctioning or defective products

While you can handle such cases, there may be times when getting Chicago car accident attorneys can be necessary and helpful, particularly in situations that involve permanent or severe disabling injuries and other types like toxic expose and medical malpractice. If you need the best advice pertaining to an accident you’ve been involved in, regardless whether you have insurance or not, you’ll need experienced Chicago accident attorneys.

Because of the following reasons you may be able to represent yourself

The Claim Process Is Quite Simple

Despite what many insurers and lawyers may want you to think, the process of settling your insurance claim is quite simple and straightforward. Most claims will be dealt with after a few phone calls and short letters with an insurance adjuster who doesn’t have any legal expertise, meaning that you don’t need to know the legal jargon. Your compensation basically depends on common sense and simple observations about who was right and who was wrong. However in certain unusual cases, you may find that your insurer or the other party’s insurance company is willing to pay you an unfairly lower amount or nothing for that matter; in that case you’ll need Chicago accident attorneys who will have the necessary firepower and expertise do deal with your case.

The Compensation System Is Structured

A fair compensation amount doesn’t simply ooze from a crystal ball that only insurance companies and lawyers can read. Rather, a couple of factors go into consideration about how much your claim is worth, and these include, nature of accident, injuries sustained, medical costs and the like. The amount an insurance company will be willing to pay normally falls within a certain range, whether an attorney handles your case or not.

Know Your Claim Well

You should know your claim better than your attorney or insurance adjuster and how the accident happened. You were involved in the accident and not them, and you alone know the extent of your injuries and emotional suffering. Normally these are most important things to consider when filing a compensation claim. The best Chicago car accident attorneys can offer advice and guidance on the appropriate action to take. Some may even advise you for free and charge when you require their services.

When an individual is charged with DUI charges, it is important to get a dui lawyer who is experienced and can give a lawyer’s opinion concerning the charges. When charged for the first time with DUI, an individual can plead guilty with the help of a dui lawyer.

When charged with the following situations, an individual will need to plead guilty:

  • Where there is a high BAC
  • If there is irrefutable evidence that the individual was drunk.

An individual who has been arrested for a DUI before knows what is at stake and the importance of a dui lawyer. However if the arrests on an individual become multiple the person is considered a multiple offender and is entitled to harsher penalties as well as a possible felony conviction.

Having multiple DUI arrests makes the court give you harsh penalties and the court then has a reason to believe that this is not just a ‘one time’ mistake.

However, it is possible for an individual to walk away free as well as cleared of the charges by using a dui lawyer. The sentences can also be reduced as well as probation and community service. It may even be possible for an individual to even keep their licenses.

Once an individual is arrested for a DUI again, the person needs to contact a dui lawyer as soon as possible and this will reduce the stress.

The next thing that an individual can do as a result of multiple DUI offenses is to begin serious alcohol or drugs rehab and treatment. This has the effect of increasing an individual’s chances in court.

In general, a dui lawyer will look at the range of possible consequences for an individual and then determines how to minimize the damage.

Benefits of a lawyer even when facing multiple charges are:

  • The lawyer will assess your case again

Because there are different circumstances in every case, the possible consequences of the DUI will depend on many different factors.

  • The lawyer makes the process manageable

When an individual is dealing with the motor vehicle department in a state ,this can be frustrating as well as time consuming. However, a lawyer can make the process easy by completing the required forms, scheduling as well as representing the individual and making phone calls.

It is important to hire a lawyer when facing multiple charges especially if the DUI arrest was due to an accident or incase another person was killed . The individual should also hire a lawyer if he or she is a professional driver and their livelihood depends on keeping their license.

An individual who has been arrested with a BAC limit that is over double that of the state’s legal limit should get a lawyer because harsher penalties will be applied.

For individuals who have their first DUI, and this did not cause an accident and the person had a low BAC .They can decide to represent themselves however it may be necessary to have an initial consultation with a lawyer to discuss the case, and find out how to go about representing themselves.